New Home Financing Services

At Factory Home Center, we take pride in providing comprehensive support throughout EVERY stage of the home building process. We understand that arranging financing for home construction can be a challenging task, and that's why we maintain strong working relationships with some of the most reliable and recognized lenders in the area. So, you can rest assured that we'll assist you in finding the best financing options for your project.

Magnifi Financial

Contact: Lynda Bast
Originator ID: #476684
Phone: 888-330-8482

Granite Community Bank

Contact: Amy Statz
NMLS #412733
Phone: 320-685-6293

First Western Bank and Trust

Contact(s): Richard Hawes; Karrie Bahr
NMLS# 351793; NMLS# 411010
Phone: 320-763-7700

United Prairie Bank

NMLS# 522398
Phone: 320-796-4808

21st Mortgage Corporation

Contact: Doug Mack

Phone: 800-955- 0021

Triad Financial Services